Volume LII – Number 1

Hilary Miller

Abstract: This paper provides insight into why the Jewish population of Lithuania was nearly eliminated during the Holocaust. Lithuanian Jewry was a unique cohort of Jews during WWII relative to others who were scattered throughout Eastern and Western Europe; their wartime experience was appreciably brutal and violent, leading to the mass categorical destruction of 95% of Lithuanian Jews. This paper uses theoretical approaches of political science to answer what explains the extensive elimination of Lithuania’s Jewish population.

Keywords: Holocaust, genocide, Lithuanian Jewry, Nazi violence, theoretical application and analysis

About the Author: Hilary Miller is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her majors are political science and history and she will be receiving a minor in Jewish studies. Her academic interests relate to Eastern European, Jewish and Israeli history along with international law and human rights. She is t he editor-in-chief and founder of Avukah, UW’s undergraduate journal of Jewish studies

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