CBE Star Student Spotlight: Karla Kaliman

Karla Kaliman is a Business Administration major with a concentration in HR here in CBE and she is the highlight of our next Star Student Spotlight! 

When sharing her story of what made her join CBE, Kaliman told us “When I met Lisa Simmons, I was confused and unsure about my future and my career. I didn’t know where I wanted to go after finishing my degree in International Relations. I always knew that I wanted to help people and my community on different levels; Lisa showed me a new way to accomplish this goal. She inspired me to join CBE by showing me my ‘incalculable’ love for HR and how I can make a difference for my community by advocating for policies that can truly change an employee’s life and improving the diversity of a workplace to ensure that people feel understood and supported. Lisa saw my potential, personality, and challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone to find my passion for HR.”

Kaliman is especially proud of her work during the Live Strategy Case Competition as it allowed her to test the knowledge she has been learning throughout her academic career while also being a great way to get exposed to topics that are beneficial to her career path. “I practiced my teamwork, presentation, and analytical skills by analyzing and researching a specific industry and being able to interpret that information to form an educated assessment for a specific business with real-world experience,” said Kaliman. 

The most helpful classes for Kaliman in her time at CBE have been MNGT 483, MNGT 452, and MNGT 381. Kaliman emphasized how she was able to not only learn the theories ofHR, but also how to apply what she’s learned in these classes. Taking these courses during the pandemic, it stuck with Kaliman how HR is crucial in managing responses to COVID-19 at an organizational level. 

“Human Resources has been the driving force in keeping the workforce and organization engaged, productive and resilient. This situation has illustrated the true value of HR and demonstrated the importance of investing in HR structures and processes.” she said. 

Resiliency is important to Kaliman, as she has been able to overcome adversity and stay true to herself. When giving advice to other CBE students, she wants them to know to “fight to find your purpose and be confident that whatever passion you want to pursue your survival is assured and remember that each person has a message to share simply by owning their own life story and willing to share it with others.” 

After graduation this May, Kaliman hopes to use what she has learned in CBE to lead changes within business and to drive a culture of resiliency with her work. “As a Latina woman who faced systemic discrimination and bias, I would use my skills to help people believe in themselves and help companies make more inclusive employment decisions,” Kaliman said. 

In her final remarks, Kaliman added “I would like to thank CBE for providing me with mental, emotional and practical support when I need it most. For being my ‘happy place’ where I go to be fully present with myself and where I have opportunities to find meaning and a platform to achieve greatness. as well as thank all my professors and mentors who encouraged me to be a better person every day.”