TU Announces New Master Plan

Stephens Hall, arguably one of TU’s oldest and perhaps most iconic buildings, has been home to the College of Business and Economics since 1978. Constructed in 1912, the building has undergone several major renovations and updates throughout its 110-year history. While Stephens Hall, with its distinguished and recognizable clocktower, will remain a steadfast symbol of TU’s history, it will soon become a part of the College’s history as well.

Last month, Towson University announced that after 44 years in Stephens Hall, the College of Business and Economics will be getting a new home. This is, of course, part of TU’s larger vision, as expressed in the 2020-30 Campus Master Plan. The $1.2 billion investment in infrastructure proposes the renovation and addition 1.3 million gross square feet.

Developed under President Schatzel’s leadership, the new Master Plan outlines ten capital priorities. Among them is a new state-of-the-art academic building for CBE. The building will be located on the corner of York and Burke, connecting the north and south sides of campus. A timeline for construction has not yet been determined, but excitement is already building.

“We are thrilled that the TU 2020-30 Campus Master Plan includes a new building for the College of Business and Economics” says Dean Shohreh Kaynama. She adds, “Though we love our Stephens Hall, updated facilities will ensure a sustainable future for CBE and position TU to remain among the very best public business schools in the country.”

Rest assured, however, that while Stephens Hall may no longer house the College of Business and Economics, it is not by any means going away. In fact, the Master Plan includes major renovations to the historic building, maintaining its place in TU’s past, present, and future.

TU’s 2020-30 Campus Master Plan is available in its entirety at  https://www.towson.edu/facilities/masterplan/documents/master-plan-summary-2022.pdf.