Short Stories

Tales of Crazy Scientists

Notoriously crazy scientist Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, shown here applying his now discredited early version of Space-Time-Matter theory in 1951 (see “Sivana’s Time Trap“, Captain Marvel Adventures #121)

There was a time when I shunned short stories, preferring the wide-ranging saga of the sort I wrote about in The Interstellar Undertakers and its two companion volumes. However, there are certain subjects which find their natural place in the short story. And since I was occasionally accused of being a (mild) example of the type when I was a professor of astrophysics, I was drawn to the vintage problem of the crazy scientist. There follows a collection of a dozen stories with this as theme. Some of the stories are, I admit, dark in tone. As reader you can of course take them in any order you wish. But for those who desire a lighter treatment, the first and last have a measure of levity.

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