Welcome to the home of the 5D Space-Time-Matter Consortium!

This site is currently maintained by James Overduin. It was founded in 1999 by Paul Wesson, who passed away unexpectedly on September 16, 2015. 5DSTM.org has served as an online resource and clearinghouse for publications co-authored by all those who collaborated with Paul over the years. It will continue to be maintained indefinitely; however, most of the information it contains is now readily available in other places (including the ADS, arXiv and googleScholar) and it will no longer be actively updated.

Please use the Menu for a more detailed Introduction and a list of Contributors and their Publications since 2001.

[Credits: the rotating 5D hypercube (or “penteract”) logo is borrowed from a blog post by Peter Green, who extracted it from an animation created by Oliver Knill]