Women’s History Month 2020

What we wanted to do:

This year, SCUA decided to celebrate Women’s History Month by connecting with female-led clubs and organizations on Towson’s campus. The goal of this project was to increase material donations from female-led organizations at Towson and highlight these organizations on social media. SCUA got the chance to attend several club meetings, received materials from numerous organizations, and shared the whole process via Instagram (@towsonscua). This post will dive into what organizations SCUA worked with for Women’s History Month as well as share some of the materials that were donated.

Who we met: 

The first club that we visited was Women in Finance, whose mission “is to empower women and minorities entering the financial services industry by providing opportunities for personal and professional development and networking events to foster life-long relationships amongst their peers.” During the meeting that SCUA attended, Women in Finance hosted 5 female representatives from Morgan Stanley who discussed their professional journeys as well as provided information about the company and potential involvement and internship opportunities. On behalf of her organization, the current President of Women in Finance, Adeola Ajani, donated an original roster for Women in Finance to SCUA.

Women in Finance display in Stephens Hall, showing images and biographies of the members of the executive board.
Women in Finance executive board, Spring 2020.              
Photograph of a Women in Finance meeting in Stephens Hall.
Women in Finance President Adeola Ajani introducing representatives from Morgan Stanley.

The second club that we visited was Women in Science. Part of the purpose of Women in Science Club is to “connect successful women scientists and aspiring students to create mentor relationships and networking opportunities.” In keeping with that purpose, the general meeting that SCUA attended included a talk from Dr. Petra Tsuji of Towson’s Department of Biological Sciences in which Dr. Tsuji spoke about professionalism, mentorships, and networking. Women in Science kindly donated several materials to SCUA, including a recent group photo of the club members and a digital flyer for an upcoming plant sale that the club was hosting on campus.

Women in Science Club members posing for a group photo..
Women in Science Club, Spring 2020.
Digital flyer describing an upcoming general meeting for Women in Science.
Women in Science General Meeting Flyer, Spring 2020.

We were also able to correspond with several other organizations, but unfortunately due to COVID-19 and the switch to distance learning at Towson, we were unable to visit them or collect materials. However, we greatly appreciate their correspondence and willingness to participate in the project. We look forward to reaching out to these organizations and more next semester and continuing our efforts to preserve materials from female-led organizations at Towson!

What we learned:

Over the course of this project, we learned a lot about the impact that female-led organizations – as well as the individuals who make up these organizations – have on our campus. It was truly special to learn more about the sense of community that existed in these organizations, and in some cases, we got to experience it for ourselves! It is also important to note that although these organizations were female led and oriented, individuals of all genders are able to attend meetings and events. Thank you to all of the clubs and organizations that were interested in this project and thank you to ALL of the female-led clubs and organizations on Towson’s campus!


Information regarding meeting times and contact information for each of these clubs, as well as all clubs and organizations at Towson, can be found at https://involved.towson.edu/. In addition, all quotes included in this post regarding the missions of these organizations came from the biographies posted on Involved @ TU.

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