Course Equipment

The course will use several different high-speed cameras and equipment from my lab and new equipment funded through HHMI.

High Speed Cameras:

Fastec IL3-S


Edgertronic SC1 one with IR filter one without

Chronos 1.4

LED and Infrared lights:

Nila Zaila LED light

Westcott Skylux LED light

CMVision IRP24-850nm WideAngle 24pc High Power LED IR Array Illuminator


Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens (used with Edgertronic cameras)

Tokina 100mm 2.8 lens (used with Edgertronic cameras)

Fujinon 50mm 1.8 C-mount lens (used with Fastec)


We will be using free software throughout the course. ImageJ and the MtrackJ plugin as well as Tracker to digitize videos, and excel and R to analyze the digitized points.


4TB Western Digital Wireless Pro (allows us to back up wirelessly)