Astronomy is often believed to be extremely difficult and unreachable. When I tell people that my undergrad is in Astrophysics, they say that they could never do that, and assume I am very intelligent. Perhaps I can agree with the “Physics” part of the degree (no matter how much I fight people on it, many seem to believe it is incredibly difficult…), but the “Astronomy” aspect is a lot less complicated.

I have a couple issues with how astronomy is taught. One is that it is portrayed as so complicated and esoteric, another is that is it extremely visual. Yes, these are difficult topics when explored in full. Yes, it takes years to fully understand certain concepts. However, much of astronomy can be put into plain-language and simple descriptions. And yes, space is pretty. Yes, we have invested much time and money into those visuals. However, it seems these people haven’t considered that not everyone is sighted. I know several people who are blind, yet they still have an interest in astronomy.

Most websites wouldn’t cater to that audience, but mine will. Not everyone shares the same passion for knowledge that I have, but many have a strong scientific curiosity, which I hope to sate.

  1. Esoteric: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.