Faculty Development

Professor Emeritus, Human Resource Development  at Towson University,  and

Managing MemberTransforming Leaders, LLC

voice: 410-733-0029
email: mcmahon@towson.edu

  • Building and Managing Teams Online
  • Leadership Development Online
  • Fitting Your Educational Philosophy into Online Teaching
  • Pedagogy of Distance Learning
  • The Learning Curve in Online Teaching
  • Campus Infrastructure Issues in Online Teaching
  • Teaching New Tricks to Old Dogs: Transforming Experienced Faculty
  • Learning Styles and How They Affect Your Online Course
  • Transforming Face-to-face Classes into Online Versions
  • Architecture Issues in Online Teaching
  • High Touch Teaching in a High Tech Classroom.
  • Assessments in Online Courses.
  • Orientation Issues in Starting Online Courses
  • How Not to Get Overwhelmed in Online Teaching
  • File Management Issues for Online Survival
  • Reconceptualizing Teaching and Learning Online
  • Module Design for Online Teaching and Learning
  • I Taught It, They Learned It, But Did They Retain It?
  • Faculty Peer Review Criteria for Online Teaching – Faculty Roles and Rewards
  • Redefining the Syllabus in Online Teaching.
  • Managing Online Discussions
  • Helping Students Use Resources Efficiently Online
  • Anatomy of a Blackboard Course: How to Convert Your Course for On-line Delivery.
  • Re-examining Learning Through New Technologies
  • Solving Learning Problems in Online Courses
  • Upstream Planning to Prevent Downstream Headaches


Ed.D. 1982 Adult Education and Human Resource Development

George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Faculty member, Towson University, Towson, MD since 1973.

Specializing in Instructional Design, Curriculum Development, Faculty Training and Development, Leadership Development, Team Building and Online Course Design.Online teaching using WebCT and Blackboard since 1997.

Faculty training conducted at

  • Blackboard User’s Conference
  • Asynchronous Learning Network International Conference
  • International Conference on Learning with Technology
  • Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching
  • University System of Maryland Web Tools Project
  • University System of Maryland Web-Initiative-in-Teaching Conference
  • Campuses of the University System of Maryland
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission’s grant project for Faculty Online Technology Training Consortium- campuses through Maryland.
  • Community Colleges of Baltimore County – three campuses
  • American Association for Higher Education – Faculty Roles and Rewards
  • Knowledge Worker’s Education Alliance