Lab Photos

Members of the Emotion Science Lab, Virginia Tech’s Mind-body Lab, and affiliates to those lab.





Chris Mullin presenting at SPR’s 2019 conference in Washington D.C. as a part of its “Faces of the Future” symposium.













Below are pictures from the Emotion Science Lab’s 2018 photo shoot (courtesy of Kanji Takeno):



































Here is Drew Parton, wowing the audience with his master’s thesis results at Towson’s PGSA conference.








Lab affiliates, Fernanda and Danny, presenting the findings from their research project at Towson’s PGSA conference.






Olesya Sagan, MacKenzie Forbes, Dr. McGinley, and Chris Mullin at a Towson University Research Conference







Drew Parton at SPR 2017 in Vienna, Austria.




DJ Rompilla at SPR 2017 in Vienna, Austria.






Emotion Science Lab Presenting at the Towson Research Expo in Spring 2017.




Dr. McGinley with his former advisor, Dr. Bruce Friedman, and other members of his previous research lab.

What is emotion? How is it regulated? How is it communicated?

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