ELEVATE Undergraduate Program

APPLY HERE: ELEVATE Undergraduate 2024 Cohort Application 

Program Structure: 

ELEVATE Course 1 & 2:  Two online courses during the 1st 5 week session of Summer 2024 (from end of May to beginning of July); receive full tuition and fees for two 3 credit courses, a book stipend and a $500 stipend per course ($1,000 total stipend), and and reimbursement for TRE and ESOL Praxis exams* registration fees.

ELEVATE Workshop 1 : online Winter workshop  in January of 2025; receive participation stipend

ELEVATE Workshop 2: online Winter workshop in January 2026; receive participation stipend

ELEVATE Workshop 3: online Winter workshop in January 2027 , receive participation stipend

*Take ESOL and TRE Praxis exams. *Passing scores on these two exams allow you to share those scores with MDSE to add certification in ESOL to your Maryland Teacher’s Certificate.

Important Note = Tuition is free at the in-state rate and out of state students may be responsible for the balance.

Questions? Email Mrs. Turner

*ELEVATE Cohort 1 and 2 applications are now closed. We are currently accepting applications for Cohort 3 for all of TU’s Education majors.

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Mrs. Turner and I’m excited to share with you more about the ELEVATE program.

ELEVATE stands for, Enhancing Literacy for English Learners: Valuing Assets Through Engagement. Whatever field of education TU’s preparing you for, English Learners will be students in your future classroom. ELEVATE coursework and workshops will help you to enhance your English Learner Students’ language acquisition, social-emotional wellbeing, and literacy skills. The best part of this program: you can get certified in ESOL and add the certification to your Maryland Teacher’s Certificate.

So, what does the ELEVATE scholarship include? Two fully funded intensive ESOL courses, offered during the summer, along with two $500 stipends– one for each course you take, book stipends, and stipends for attending workshops on language fundamentals, social emotion learning for ELs and literacy instruction, reimbursement for registration costs for TRE and ESOL Praxis exams and prep modules to help you study.

So, who can apply to the ELEVATE program? All education majors entering their Junior year in Fall of 2024* are invited to apply. There’s a scannable QR code at the end of this video, where you can find the application.