Welcome to the TU Mantis Lab! Our research is focused on taking an integrative and comparative approach to understand mantis diversity. We employ a variety of techniques, such as 3D high-speed video, machine learning, and time-lapse photography to quantify variation in functional traits. We also use macro photography and dissections to quantify variation in morphological traits. Our goal is to understand functional and morphological variation in relation to a suite of abiotic and biotic factors. We are currently focusing on the relationships among diet, prey capture and ingestion rate within and among species of mantises that mimic different microhabitats within the environment.  

We also value educational outreach and participate through various avenues, including a Organismal Form and Function Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE), highlighting our videos on YouTube, and interacting with a broader audience on other social media platforms. Our goal is to share our enthusiasm and research with these unique species.