CBE Star Student Spotlight: Zephinia Hill

Zephinia Hill is a CBE student majoring in Entrepreneurship and Business Systems & Processes and is our next student as a part of the CBE Star Student Spotlight!  

Zephinia was inspired to join the College of Business and Economics with the goal of becoming her own boss one day. She states that “I want a sense of accomplishment where I can look back and feel proud of the journey.”

Zephinia has used her time in CBE in order to get out of her comfort zone. Zephinia shares that “I used my time at Towson to visualize my future. I treated each class as a stepping stone, and some classes I had to go gather real data and opinions from people outside of the classroom. I had to attend networking events where I didn’t know a single person. No one is just going to hand you what you want in life, you have to take the leap yourself.”

“Please use everything Towson offers to your advantage, explore everything. The shoulda, coulda, woulda, phase will never end unless you put yourself out there” she remarks. 

One aspect of the program that has stuck with her is the advantage it has given her towards ideation and failure. “One of my professors once posed the question of ‘would you rather fail here at Towson or out there in the rest of the world.’ I didn’t know what to make of that question because I, like many, would not like to fail at all. But when you look at it through an entrepreneurial lens, I would rather fail at Towson. I know if my idea didn’t win the competition, I have more than enough teachers willing to help me make my vision and presentation stronger. So when I pitch my idea to investors outside of the four walls of Stephens Hall, I will be prepared for whatever is thrown my way.” 

When giving advice to other CBE students, she shares that it is important to not compare your journey to the journeys of others. She shares “I am guilty of this myself; I have been working on The Mensuration Situation since the fall of 2019. I thought I would be a lot farther along in my journey than where I am now. Truth be told, I don’t know what I’m waiting on; maybe I want to be in the right mindset or have certain products. Either way, it’s always going to be a constant battle of what is the competition doing that I’m not. Comparison is the thief of joy, so keep an open mind and focus on yourself.”

Zephinia plans to graduate in the fall and when asked about her future plans she shares “After I leave CBE I’m hoping to follow through on the many promises I made myself over the years. For one, officially launching my business venture, The Menstruation Situation, which has been a work in progress for so long that I have to see it through for my own sanity. Something else I hope to achieve after my time in CBE is a stable work life balance. With being one’s own boss you can get swept away in the operations of the business without taking time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.”