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Suited for Success

New wardrobe provides free professional attire for students

By Laura Braddick

Before embarking on their careersstudents must earn the proper credentials and relevant experience and prepare their professional imagecomplete with a polished resume, perfect elevator pitch and professional business attire. 

But for many students who juggle work, family, student loans and more, purchasing a new business suit and accessories, which can cost $300 or more, can be a burdensome or insurmountable cost.  

To help TU students make a great first impression and land a job, the College of Business Economics established the Well-Suited Wardrobe program to provide one free professional ensemble to CBE students who have financial limitations. 

“We recognize that not all of our students have the means to purchase new business attire,” said Dean Shohreh Kaynama. Many of our students are working to pay for their education, books and more while also paying for rent and food. Many also have families that depend on them, too. 

It’s our job to help every single student get the best start to their careers, including having proper business clothing. The Wardrobe helps us achieve that. 

We’ve worked hard to make it a place where students feel confident and proud to wear their new professional attire, and they walk out smiling every single time.”

College faculty, staff, alumni and employer partners have donated to create The Wardrobe’s inventory of gently used suits and separates. The Wardrobe is complete with shoes, ties, panty hose and other accessories for a complete, professional look. 

Students can confidentially request appointments through an online formLocated in Stephens Hall, The Wardrobe officially opened on Feb. 24. In just two monthsit brought in more than 95 donated suits and gave away nine outfits.  

Assistant professor Sarah Magnotta has spearheaded the project. She said students who walk in for their fittings are blown away.  

They are overwhelmed with the steps CBE is taking to help them with their career development and light up with excitement to try something on,” she said. We’ve worked hard to make it a place where students feel confident and proud to wear their new professional attire, and they walk out smiling every single time. 

Our faculty and various programs are doing their part to provide the high-quality education required to succeed in the business world, and The Wardrobe is doing its part to give students the boost of confidence they need to land their first job. Its amazing what a new suit can do! 

Walk into Our Closet

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Want to help students dress their best?

Donations of clean, gently used or new professional attire can be dropped off at the dean’s office in Stephens Hall, 8000 York Road between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Items Most Needed:

  • Men’s dress shirts
  • Men’s suits and blazers
  • Women’s suits
  • Men’s and Women’s dress shoes

Financial donations, which go toward dry cleaning and purchasing clothes, are accepted as well. Learn more here.