New Faculty: Meet Sasha Pustovit, Department of Management

This fall, CBE welcomes 8 new faculty members – here’s what you need to know.

Sasha PustovitSasha Pustovit
Assistant Professor
Department of ManagemenT


Ph.D., Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Rutgers University

M.A., Strategic Global Human Resources Management
Pace University

B.S. Business Administration
Fordham University

Research Interests:

Broadly, my research lies in the areas of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. More specifically, I am interested in turnover (why people leave jobs) and the impact turnover has on the organization and its members. Exploring the roles interpersonal relationships and diversity issues play in voluntary turnover has been the focus of much of my work. More recently, I also become interested in the impact the changing workplace has on employees.

How do you approach your role as a professor?

I believe my role as professor is to shape the next generation of managers and leaders who, subsequently, will shape our society and workplace. My courses are structured to enable students to develop skills that employers value, such as critical thinking and creativity, leadership, and the application of practical information to achieve success.

Who is someone you admire?

It’s never been one person for me. I admire people who have overcome adversity to make a positive impact, and who have done so with integrity.

What’s something few people know about you that might be surprising to some?

I’m really into home decorating and can spend hours thinking about and researching my next decor idea (it’s too bad my apartment isn’t large enough to take advantage of all my ideas!).

How do you spend your free time?

I’m a fan of music, the performing arts, and working out.

What is your favorite TV show?