students giving pitches at the big idea poster competition

Big ideas shine in entrepreneurship competition

An app that tracks shoe wear, a student-run fashion house and a social media platform to help photographers find scenic locations stood out as winners at the spring 2018 Big Idea Poster Competition.

Hosted by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the competition featured more than two dozen ideas pitched in rapid fire by eager, entrepreneurial TU students.

Ideas were judged by their feasibility, presentation and creativity by judges Joan Kanner of Karmic Messenger and Andrew Rose of Farm Credit.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and left in awe of how creative and viable the ideas were,” Kanner said. “The students were remarkably prepared.”

Here’s a rundown of the top three winners.

Biggest Idea (First Place)

Alexander MuldrowName: Alexander Muldrow

Idea: Kick Stats

Description: Kick Stats is an app that tracks the daily wear of one’s shoes. From the amount of times worn, to steps taken, to places traveled, people can use this app to truly track the timeline of the shoes and the things that they have done in them. One of the main benefits that someone can have from this app is discovering if they are truly getting their money’s worth for their shoes. For example, if someone pays $250 for a pair of shoes, owns them for six months, wears them 20 times and begins to see deterioration, they can track that through the app.

Thoughts: “I was able to receive valuable advice on how to further improve my business (idea) along with encouragement from judges, mentors, and peers to actually make my idea come to life. I have had this idea since I was high school and the competition gave me the opportunity to get off of my behind and finally start putting my idea into fruition.”

Most Scalable Idea (Second Place)

Elizabeth MaddoxName: Elizabeth Maddox

Idea: Expose

Description: A social media platform for locations that allows people to upload pictures of different locations, add tags and descriptions, and other people can use the website/app to search for locations by either GPS (how far away the place is from them) or keywords. The idea was created with photographers in mind, but could be useful for bloggers, cinematographers, and really anyone who needs a specific location.

Thoughts: “The competition was such a confidence boost! I had a hard time practicing the pitch, but once I pitched in front of the judges and answered their questions, I feel like I can do it again and again.”

Judge’s Choice (Third Place)

Delia BurlName: Delia Burl

Idea: Tailored by Tigers

Description: A comprehensive, hands-on business experience program run by Towson University students. Students would apply to help run a pop-up retail store for a year and a half, starting their junior years. It’s for students interested in running any aspect of a business – design (both fashion and graphic), marketing, communications, finance, etc.

Thoughts: “This competition helped me realize that I have valuable ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to realize that your ideas can be successful. You just have to push yourself out of your comfort zone.”