Kevin Keenahan of Tissue Analytics speaks to students at the weekly entrepreneurship unplugged speakers series

Medical imaging app co-founder stresses importance of networking for entrepreneurs

While networking is not his favorite part of the entrepreneurship process, Tissue Analytics co-founder Kevin Keenahan acknowledges that it is critical step to starting a successful business.

“I try to find a good contact who is connected to an investor I want to talk to, get a warm email intro, and then kick it off that way,” Kennahan said, speaking to students and faculty at the weekly Entrepreneurship Unplugged speakers series this week.

Keenahan’s process proved effective for him. After launching the business with a year of hard work after–and a lot of networking–his company experienced enough growth that they began to see some profits. Now, five years later, the company has grown exponentially with a consistent 20% growth month over month.

TissueAnalytics is a smartphone-based software developed by Keenahan and his team used to track wound healing. The app takes images of wounds and uses artificial intelligence to analyze the wound. This software also uses a central website portal to store information, which makes reviewing and sharing documentation from hospital to hospital on patients easier and more efficient than before.

Keenahan said the app uses computer vision to “automatically extract valuable data from the images in a convenient and workflow-conscious perspective,” said Kennahan.

“While other systems fundamentally increase the number of tasks clinicians have to do, we try to fundamentally reduce them,” he explained. “We try to automate pieces of their work flow using computer vision and AI.”

The next Entrepreneurship Unplugged event will be held Tuesday, April 4 at noon in the University Union building, room 306. The guest speakers will be Andy Grossman from GTI talking about medical marijuana opportunities.

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