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The BSU has a long checkered history with the TU campus and administration. On February 25, 1970, a group of black students stormed the administration building into  president James Fisher’s office with a list of demands that included guaranteed office space in the newly created University Union, office supplies and to be budgeted by fees given to the University by black students.

The majority of the demands were met and when the Union was finally constructed, the BSU was given the space which is now called the Center for Student Diversity. Over the years, the BSU began raising awareness about the diversity on Towson’s campus and helped develop the African-American Cultural Center in 1974 and the African and African-American Studies program, both of which still function today.

In recent years the membership of the BSU has fluctuated due to the increasing numbers of black students coming to TU in conjunction with the changing politics of  each BSU administration. Although no two administrations have been the same, the  overall goal  has been consistent, which has been to provide institutional services and support for the black community at Towson University.

Currently the BSU is housed in a permanent office across the hall from Student Government Association office in the University Union, the only student group at TU that is afforded that privilege.


Every year the BSU at Towson has had a set of traditions that have been around since its inception.flag


What initially began as a reception and banquet for parents of black students has turned into a semesterly talent showcase of students on campus. Although sponsored by the BSU, any student is allowed to attend and participate.

Ebony Excellence

Every spring, the BSU hosts an award banquet that celebrates individual in the black community for various achievement and service. Nominations for Ebony Excellence awards go out in the start of the spring semester.


During the spring and fall semester, the BSU organizes with the Admissions office to have Baltimore City and Prince George’s County high school students spend an entire weekend with BSU members on campus in their dorms. While on campus, students go to various campus events, student group meetings, and even eat with college students to make them more excited about college.


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