Towson University, Towson, Maryland. 2001–present.
BIOL 105: Environmental Biology
BIOL 204: Education and Career Planning for the Biologist
BIOL 306: Human Ecology and Sustainability
BIOL 486: Senior Biology Seminar
BIOL 491: Independent Study in Biology
BIOL 797: Graduate Seminar
ENVS 471: Independent Study in Environmental Science
ENVS 482: Environmental Research
ENVS 491: Environmental Science Senior Seminar
ENVS 604: Ecosystem Ecology
ENVS 798: Environmental Practicum
ENVS 897/898: Environmental Thesis
HONR 497: Honors Independent Investigation
IDNM 315: Networks: Science of Connections

Invited International Courses
China, Beijing Normal University Ecological Network Analysis
China, Tsinghua University Systems Ecology and Ecological Network Analysis
Croatia, University of Zagreb Environmental Biology
Denmark, University of Copenhagen Ecosystem Modelling
Germany, University of Kiel Ecosystem Theory
France, Iremer, Sete Economic & ecological networks
Portugal, University of Coimbra Environmental Management
Russia, Moscow State University Economic Growth: Modelling Dimensions