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Certificate Error in Outlook

Earlier this afternoon, OTS received reports of certificate errors in Outlook and/or when browsing to from computers on campus. At approximately 1:45 PM today, the expired certificate was corrected to resolve these warnings. The warning messages...

Google (G Suite) login issues for Students

Google has reported an issue with GMail. Some users are unable to log in, instead receiving a “500” error after authenticating with their TU NetID and password. For additional information about this issue, please see the G Suite Status Dashboard for...

Email Delivery Delays – RESOLVED

The previously reported email delivery delays have been resolved. OTS has been closely monitoring the situation for the past few days. While the situation was primarily resolved on Wednesday evening, there were some lingering effects and we did not want to close this...

Sporadic Email Delivery Delays

OTS has confirmed reports of incoming delayed email delivery for some messages. Most email is being delivered within an acceptable timeframe but some messages could be delayed for several hours. Internal email (from to addresses) is not affected....

Email Delivery Issues RESOLVED

Email delivery issues are now resolved. Email is flowing normally. Engineers will continue to monitor the mail queues to be sure there are no lingering issues.

Email Delivery – UPDATE

Engineers are continuing to work closely with the vendor to restore timely email service. The vendor has made some changes to allow mail backlogged in the mail queues to be delivered. All delayed email should be delivered by sometime this evening. Engineers will...

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