Welcome to the Oufiero lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at Towson University! Our research is aimed at understanding the evolution of functional diversity. We examine whole-organismal performance, physiological and morphological traits across varying taxonomic scales (from within individuals to macroevolution). The goal of our research is to understand the patterns and processes associated with physiological diversity. Currently the lab is focusing on three projects. 1) Evolutionary patterns and processes of fish swimming diversity, which includes measuring the swimming abilities of varying fish to determine how swimming performance is affected by things such as different swimming gaits, ecologies and morphologies. Recently this has focused on gymnotiform locomotion in knifefish. 2) The relationships among performance, behavior and physiology. This project is expanding upon our previous work in Xiphophorus to determine if swimming abilities are related to female preference. 3) Functional diversity of feeding. This work has largely focused on the suction performance of fish and is continuing to examine this trait in other, older groups of fishes and praying mantises.