edTPA for Mentors

edTPA® is a national performance-based assessment for beginning teachers. It is used to assess candidates’ classroom readiness as well as to support their development as educators.

Candidates will focus on a sequence of 3-5 lessons for one class. They will develop a digital portfolio demonstrating their ability to plan, to instruct, and to assess students’ learning within those 3-5 lessons. The portfolio, which consists of lesson materials, work samples, video footage, and written reflections, will be scored using 13 to 18 different rubrics, depending on the content area.

edTPA materials are proprietary, so some of the resources below are password-protected. Please check your email for the required password (which is the same for all of the following files) or contact edtpa@towson.edu. It is recommended to review the following resources in the order listed.

  1. What Is edTPA and How Can Mentors Help? [Postcard PDF]
  2. edTPA in 2 Minutes [Video]
  3. edTPA Structure (choose your content area):
    1. edTPA Structure – Performing Arts, Visual Arts, All Middle School/Secondary Content Areas [Video]
    2. edTPA Structure – Special Education [Video]
    3. edTPA Structure – Physical Education [Video]
    4. edTPA Structure – Early Childhood [Video]
    5. edTPA Structure – Elementary Education [Video]
  4. Subject Area Emphasis [Chart]
  5. Mentoring Tips for edTPA [Video]
  6. Brief Guide to edTPA Rubrics [Infographic]
  7. Video Permission and Logistics for edTPA [Video] – on hold until this process is finalized

The following two documents are the official resources from SCALE (the creator of edTPA) about the role of mentor teachers and the acceptable ways to support interns with edTPA.

For edTPA password or questions, please email Jessica Keweshan at edtpa@towson.edu.

Request Access to edTPA Documents

Request Access to edTPA Documents

If you need access to an edTPA handbook or other document but do not have a Towson log in, please fill out the following form to request access. The edTPA Coordinator will be in touch within 24 hours.

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