Recording for edTPA

Step 1: Get permission.

Each district has its own procedures for securing permission to record. These policies apply for any recording, not just edTPA.

Select the link below to locate the instructions (and forms, if necessary) for your district.

Video Permission Forms

Step 2: Get your equipment.

Select the image or link below for a guide to your recording options.

A thumbnail of the linked infographic is shown.

Recording for edTPA: Equipment Options

Instructions for Reserving Equipment from the COE Sandbox

Step 3: Record your lessons.

Remember that you need to be visible in the video clips you submit, and at least 4 students need to be visible in one clip. (For Special Education, the 4-student requirement does not apply.)

Select the link for tips from the COE videographer about recording your lessons for edTPA.

How Should I Record My Videos?

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