TCAL 2019 Schedule


8:15-9:00 – Breakfast & Registration (2nd floor)
9:00-9:15 – Welcoming Remarks (2nd floor)


9:30-10:30 – 1st Concurrent Sessions

To the Window, to the Wall: Reimagined Spaces in One Short Year – Jennifer Meslener & Ashley Ruby (2nd floor)

Collaborating for Student Success – Erin Durham, Elaine MacDougall, Allison Jennings-Roche, & Beck Hertl (Room 208)

UPS Address Cleanup Project – Emily Spangler, Austin Smith, & Taylor Vaughan (room 404B) 9:30-10:00
Engaging with the Engagers: Building Bridges From the Library to Alumni Affairs with Special Collections – Joe Neumann (Room 404B) 10:00-10:30

Teachers Teaching Librarians to Teach: Instructional Design 101 for Teaching Librarians – Don Osborn (Room 507)

Trial, Error, and Success with a Library Visualization Wall – Clara Love (Room 512) 9:30-10:00
Providing an Environment for Authentic Learning Experiences by Serving as “Client” for Computer Science Capstone Projects – Matthew Treskon (Room 512) 10:00-10:30


10:30-10:40 – Break
10:40-11:40 – Posters, Products, & Pastries


11:40-12:40 – 2nd Concurrent Sessions

“Where to start?” Improving Digital Accessibility across Library Departments and Roles – Julia Caffrey, Hilary Thompson, Bill Helman, Kimberly Miller, Lisa Woznicki, James David Weber, & Austin Smith (2nd floor)

Where Has the Time Gone?: Time Management and Prioritization in Library Jobs – Jennifer Martin & Susan Brazer (Room 203)

Partners in the Intellectual Life of the Campus: Librarians Develop and Lead Outreach and Engagement Programs – Patricia Herron, Lily Griner, & Eric Lindquist (Room 208)

I am a Manager. Help! – Paula Langley & Aishar Pinnock (Room 404B)

Wizarding 101: LibWizard as a Portal For Enhancing Library Instruction – Daniel Gallaher & Colleen McKnight (Room 507)

Reformatting the Archives: Plugging in New Technologies to Upgrade User Connections – Ashley Todd-Diaz & Felicity Knox (Room 512)


12:40-1:40 – Lunch (2nd floor)


1:40-2:40 – 3rd Concurrent Sessions

It’s Who You Know: Teaming up to Help Faculty Use Library Materials in Courses – Elizabeth DeCoster, Miriam DesHarnais, Rob Pleshar, & Kyla O’Hara (2nd floor)

What Have We Learned? – One Year as Co-directors – Elizabeth Davidson & David Brennan (Room 203)

Build a Back End! Build a Front End!: A Guided Hands-on Tour of Modern Web Development Tools and Concepts – Brian Zelip (Room 208)

Mission Impossible: Aligning Programming with the Needs and Mission of Academic Libraries – Eden Parks (Room 404B)

Planning for Digital Preservation – Mark Lane (Room 507)

Innovators Reboot the Library: Tips on Contributing to a Culture Where Innovation Thrives – Julia Caffrey (Room 512)


2:40-3:10 – Raffle & Evaluations (2nd floor)

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