Svetlana Gladycheva, PhD, MFA


Office: Smith Hall 475

E-mail: sgladycheva@towson.edu



FUNDING: Towson University School of Emerging Technologies

Towson University Fisher College of Science and Mathematics General Endowment Funds


Group meeting TBA

4/15/19 Our poster for the CNS-2019 conference has been accepted!

8/23/18 We received funding!

“Towson University Fischer College of Science and Mathematics will be pleased to fund your General Endowment Funds proposal, “Interdisciplinary Computational Neuroscience Research Group at TU,” in FY19/FY20″…

7/19/18 Poster presented at the 2018 Organisation for Computational Neuroscience conference in Seattle WA:

“Network connectivity effects on multisensory integration in neocortex.

Svetlana Gladycheva, Bailey Conrad and Sean Powell
Department of Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences
Towson University”

5/9/18 Collaborative theater project will premiere next Saturday:

4/18/18 Bailey and Sean presented a poster at the Towson Research and Creative Inquiry Forum

“Spatial and Temporal Summation in a Multicompartmental Model of a Cortical Pyramidal Cell”

4/10/18 Our abstract to CNS2018 conference has been accepted

3/14/18 Alex and Tylynn are accepted to the NIH BRAIN Initiative Summer Course on Models and Neurobiology


2/13/18 We got an access to a 80-core Linux Cluster!

1/20/18 Bailey gave a talk at the 2018 STEM day at Harford Community College.