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With its network of teacher consultants, students, partners, and volunteers the Maryland Writing Project offers a source for the most recent developments in writing instruction, but the practical application of these developments in the actual classroom.

Our teacher consultants teach across the state and are recognized for their excellence in the classroom to research writing instruction and develop their own writing, the Maryland Writing Project offers opportunities for custom-fitted professional development, through in-service programs and course offerings. We also offer writing opportunities for the community. For our students we offer our Summer Writers Workshop a unique creative writing camp for children who love to write.

The Maryland Writing Project often establishes formal partnerships with organizations and individuals with the intent of offering a variety of learning opportunities. These partnerships often includes shared goal-setting, planning, and reflection/assessment. Our list of partners can include:

  • National & International Organizations
  • Schools and School Districts
  • Parents
  • Like minded Non-profits

Lastly in working with the community and our partners we are always looking for volunteers, individuals who are willing to work closely with the Maryland Writing Project and are willing to:

  • Offer writing feedback to community members
  • Form relationships with community centers and services
  • Put together presentations and workshops on writing related topics
  • Develop other MWP projects
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