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Geosciences faculty advise majors on their undergraduate program and about career goals, including graduate school. Also, at several points throughout one’s academic career, it is necessary to meet with your advisor to discuss your degree plan and progress toward graduation. Your advisor will be able to lift your advising hold (if applicable) so that you can register for classes.

What do before completing degree completion plan

  1. Sign up for an advising session with your assigned advisor.
  2. Complete the advising checklist for either 1) Geology advising checklist  or 2) Environmental Science, Geology track. To do so, go to Towson Online Services, click on Self Service, and then Student Center. On the left hand side, next to your schedule, select Academic Requirements from the drop-down menu.
    • Fill in the appropriate advising checklist with the classes that you have taken.
    • Record the number of credits that you have completed up until this semester, including transfer credits.
  3. While on Academic Requirements, make a list of the classes that you need to take to fulfill your core curriculum and Geology major requirements.
  4. While in the Student Center, take note of your registration date, which should be to the lower right of the page under the heading “Enrollment Dates.” If you click on details, you can find the exact time on that date when you can register.

Putting together your degree completion plan (before meeting with advisor)

To complete the plan, follow the following steps:

  1. If completing it for the first time, download a blank version of the degree completion plan for Geology or for Environmental Science-Geology track. If you are updating your plan, find your old version and save a new copy.
  2. Open the plan in Excel and save a copy with your LastName_FirstName_TUID_Yr-Month, e.g., Roy_Olivia_1234567_2017-04.xlsx.
  3. Input the total number of credits that you have earned previous to this semester, including transfer credits.
  4. Input the classes that you are taking this semester.
  5. Use your list of your needed classes along with the Geology course rotation schedule to fill in the remaining schedule by semester. Start by filling in Geology courses, especially those offered every 2 years. Be sure to take note of any prerequisites for upper-level Geology courses and fill in your schedule accordingly.
  6. Make sure that your filled-in schedule has a minimum of 120 credits.
  7. Once complete, save the file again.
  8. Email the file to your advisor. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself in an easy to find location. Keeping your own copy will make it easy to update as necessary in future semesters.

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