Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision - still - doctor

Tunnel Vision (2015)
Narrative Short Film, 15:30 runtime, HD video/Super 16mm

Tunnel Vision is an experimental narrative short film that explores the struggle between vision and blindness – both literal and metaphorical – that all people must face when confronting their past. Sarah and Brandon are ex-lovers who reunite after Brandon discovers that he suffers from a rare eye disorder that is slowly causing him to go blind. Faced with the dilemma of how to spend his last days with his fading vision, he convinces Sarah to drive him back to the places from their shared past so he can see them – and her – once more.

Wisconsin Film Festival, Madison WI, 2016
New Hope Film Festival, New Hope PA, 2016
Columbia Film Festival, Columbia MD, 2016
Trenton Film Festival, Trenton NJ, 2016
Media Film Festival, Media PA, 2016
Yonkers Film Festival, Yonkers NY, 2015
Alexandria Film Festival, Alexandria VA, 2015
Chesapeake Film Festival, Easton MD, 2015
Cincinnati Film Festival, Cincinnati OH, 2015
Middle Coast Film Festival, Bloomington IN, 2015
University Film and Video Association Conference, Washington DC, 2015
International House, Philadelphia PA, 2013