Unprecedented Times: Reflections of Journal Staff, Past & Present


The coronavirus pandemic transformed our lives in 2020 alongside a whirlwind of similarly overwhelming events, each of which, on their own would have made this a difficult year: a set of historically destructive wildfires and hurricanes, likely traceable to global warming; civil unrest and racial tension all across the country in the wake of police brutality; a financial crisis unmatched since the Great Depression; and a presidential election of unusual toxicity, with unprecedented uncertainty surrounding the integrity of the outcome.

This year of upheaval and uncertainty has made it apparent that we are living in truly historic times. To help sort through the significance and impact of these seismic events while generating a record of real-time observations of how they have impacted college students and recent graduates in 2020, the Towson University Journal of International Affairs has chosen to create this space where we will process our thoughts and feelings while reflecting on them. In choosing to share our private thoughts publicly, we aim to create a transcript of our impressions, recorded in real time. While we will sometimes reflect on the topics listed above, we will use this space mostly to explore how the pandemic has changed our lives.

So, let this be a disclaimer that the content contained in the reflections are the sole ownership of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Towson University Journal of International Affairs, nor of Towson University, in any respect whatsoever.


The Transfer of Power

  CREDIT: SAUL LOEB/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES Long ago I sat in Dr. Mancini’s course 145, American History to the Civil War. Back then his exclamations were lost on me. “Can you believe it?! A peaceful transfer of power?!” Washington had given his farewell address and...


Retrospective on the 2020 Election

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, my feelings have been a mix of relief that the election cycle is over, but concern and uncertainty about the future. In complete honestly, I did not expect the reaction to the election results to be as tame as it has been. I...


Post-Election Uncertainty

I am personally concerned about the state of our elections, as well as our general political apparatus, in the United States. I find it disconcerting that the discussion or investigation of voter fraud or international meddling is met with resistance. In 2016,...


My COVID Semester

When I first heard of COVID-19, I never thought a virus that originated on the other side of the world would ruin my social life for a couple months and would lead to an entirely online semester. In January, I distinctly remember waking up on the morning after my...

COVID-19Racial Tensions

2020, What a Year!

The effect of COVID on the daily lives of people around the globe have induced a variety of reactions. I have found it, however, to not be so bad with a few exceptions. The line between professional and personal life has become much more blurred as both take place...


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