Alfred J. Baird

Abstract: The quest for Scotland’s independence from the British State has involved a lengthy and enduring, if a rather uncertain pursuit, as was Ireland’s, the latter still not yet fully complete, though perhaps not far off. Outside of the UK, not much appears known about Scotland’s actual constitutional status as a sovereign people and nation roped into a dubious treaty-based parliamentary alliance with England since 1707. Similarly, within Scotland itself there remains limited awareness of Scotland’s constitutional or political and cultural reality; constant delivery of a prevailing distorted and biased historical narrative obscures
the nation’s ongoing political, economic, and cultural domination and exploitation. Here, in-depth research and analysis based on development of a theoretical framework and application of relevant theoretical perspectives reveals a disturbing picture amidst the rapid need for improved understanding and explanation behind the motivation for Scottish independence as being a consequence of colonialism in all its well-practised, albeit often disguised features: notably, the political and economic subjugation and exploitation of a distinct people – the Scots – which is enabled through their ongoing cultural and linguistic oppression. The theoretical framework as developed by the author on the subject of Scotland’s independence provides for new insights into Scotland’s oppressive colonial reality as the underlying rationale and motivation for independence, which is also about decolonisation. The research demonstrates the fundamental importance of Scottish national culture and the Scots language as key drivers of national identity and national consciousness of a people, the latter forming the essential basis of independence movement solidarity, and highlights mechanisms necessary to finally bring the scourge of Scotland’s colonial oppression and exploitation to an end.

Keywords: Scotland, Colonialism, Internal-Colonialism, Imperialism, Independence,
Decolonisation, Self-Determination, Culture; Language, Oppression, Socio-Political

About the Author: Alfred J. Baird is a former Professor of Maritime Business at Edinburgh Napier University; he also holds a PhD in strategic management and a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies, also from Edinburgh Napier University.

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