Volume IV – Number 2

Front Matter


The United States and The National Liberation Front of South Vietnam: A Study in Self-Deception (pg. 77)
Harry Piotrowski 


Internationalism in The World Scientific Community (pg. 96)
Bruce Bellin


The Feasibility of a Containment Policy in Southeast Asia (pg. 104)
Lawrence D. Messier


Shifting Perspectives on The Origins of The Cold War (pg. 121)
Thomas C. Kennedy


The Nation-State in The Nuclear Age: Theoretical Conflicts and Prospects (pg. 129)
W. Wesley McDonald


Reviews of Books

Herman, Eleven Against War (pg.141)
Mitchell W. Kerr


Hammond, The Cold War Years: American Foreign Policy Since 1945 (pg. 144)
Thomas M. Leonard


Ra’naan, The USSR Arms The Third World: Case Studies in Soviet Foreign Policy

Thayer, The War Business: The International Trade in Armaments

Lapp, The Weapons Culture

Barnet, The Economy of Death (pg. 146)

Harry Piotrowski


Ball, The O.A.S. in Transition (pg. 158)
Willard F. Barber


Selected Bibliography

Frank Traglia (pg. 160)


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