Volume XI – Number 1

Front Matter (p. i-vii)


Law of War and Law of International Waterways as Applied to the Arab-Israeli Dispute (p. 1-15)
Richard R. Baxter


US Interest in the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli Dispute (p. 17-27)
Charles Burton Marshall


Suggested Solution to the Middle East Dispute (p. 29-42)
Don Peretz


Review of Books

Aid as Imperialism By Teresa Hayter. Middlesex: Penguin Books. (p. 43-44)
Wolfgang Fuchs


U.S. China Policy and the Problem of Taiwan By William M. Bueler. Boulder: Colorado Association University Press. (p. 45-46)
Karl Larew


After Vietnam: The Future of American Foreign Policy By Robert W. Gregg and Charles W. Kegley, Jr. New York: Anchor Books. (p. 47-50)
Harry Piotrowski


The Radical Left and American Foreign Policy By Robert W. Tucker. Baltimore/London: The Johns Hopkins Press. (p.51-2)
Myron I. Scholnick


Back Matter (p. 53-55)


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