Volume XXXVII – Number 1

Front Matter (p. I-V)


Issue Linkages in Contemporary American Multilateral Negotiations: Cases From Southern Africa and the Middle East (p. 7-24)
Ngozi Caleb Kamalu, Ph.D

US-Pakistani Relations: Agree, Disagree, and Agree to Disagree (p. 25-34)
Joseph Fahey

Domestic Politics and International Relations in Trade Policymaking: The United States and Japan in the GATT Uruguay Round Agriculture Negotiations (p. 35-71)
Christopher C. Meyerson

Security Doctrine in a Multipolar Age (p. 72-95)
Damon Coletta

Can the “Civil Society” Model Save Failed Economic Assistance Programs? (p. 95-102)
Nitza Nachmias, Ph.D.

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