Art Feature: “Entrance”, “Pass Through”, & “Mother” by Danielle Fauth

Danielle Fauth is a contemporary sculptor with a BFA in Sculpture from Towson University. Her work intervenes with found objects via digital fabrication and mold-making & casting processes. She replicates or alters familiar objects to make them unreal, intangible, of dreams; from our world and one that could be an in-between.

Art Feature: “Arby’s”, “Believe”, “Number 5”, “Italian Valve” by Gillian Collins



Gillian Collins earned her MFA at Towson University in 2019. As a co-owner of residential plumbing and HVAC service companies, her association with these trades artistically inspires Collins. By divorcing the form from the function of mechanical components, she compels the viewer to contemplate the “seen but the unseen” of our engineering feats.

Art Feature: “The Deceit of Illogical Numbers,” “The 20 Gauge Plasma Machine Blues,” “The Faces of Death Disintegrate Forever,” and “Destroying Everything One Brush Stroke at a Time” by Brett Stout

Brett Stout is a 40-year-old artist and writer. He is a high school dropout and former construction worker turned college graduate and paramedic. He creates mostly controversial work usually while breathing toxic paint fumes from a small cramped apartment known as “The Nerd Lab” in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His work has appeared in a vast range of diverse media, from international indie zines like Litro Magazine UK to Brown University. He is tired of talking about himself at this point and prefers that his artwork speak for itself.

Art Feature: “Speed of Life”, “Three Olives”, “Pinball Wizard”, “For You Blue” by Rachel Passer

Rachel Passer is originally from London and has been living in Phoenix for many years. She has a passion for painting abstracts and writing stories. She has written a medieval fantasy novel and gotten a publishing contract for it with TouchPoint Press — it will release in 2020! Insta: @r.j.passer