Did you find peace in the

…………………………..bathtub? Did you find peace in the turning of your hand

over knob, door clicking shut, in the lifting then the laying of your clothes, your

hair? Did you find peace in the porcelain dish, alone and secure in the soaking 

of the tangible and the touchable of

………..y o u , in the steam rising, its holding and its sighing—


and when the wet had stewed long enough, turning tepid, having turned the 

skin on you with lines like age, did you find yourself disillusioned? Reentering

the world, birthed into tiled room, placenta of soap bubbles and discarded grit

slipping down the drain(.)           Did

you come to know peace the way you come to know      yourself?


You did leave,    left the shower curtain drawn, window cracked, toilet lid

propped so that the cat could wander in to drink and bask at the side of the tub,

tail softly swishing—


and when eventually you came back, stepping in over trail calico hair, did

it move you to find the rainwater had snuck in through the window, forming

small puddles in the tub?

……….As if peace had wanted to find you, too.


Katya Buresh lives in Maryland, where she studies music and English at Towson University and is Poetry Editor of the 2020-2021 issue of Grub Street. She was a featured reader at the 2018 Baltimore Book Festival and has work forthcoming from Ligeia Magazine & Day Eight Interfaith Poetry Anthology on Consolation and Loss. Her website is sincerelykatya.com and she can be found on Instagram @waxing_p0etic

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