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Pulice-Farrow, L., * Siegel, D., * & Galupo, M. P. (In Press). “It depends on the day”: Trans and nonbinary individuals’ descriptions of changes in gender dysphoria. Annals of LGBTQ Public and Population Health.

Cusack, C. E.,Iampieri, A.*Galupo, M. P.  (Online First). “I’m still not sure if the eating disorder is a result of gender dysphoria:” Trans and nonbinary individuals’ descriptions of their eating and body concerns in relation to gender. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.

Goldbach, C.,* , Lindley, L., * Anzani, A. & Galupo, M. P. (Online First). Resisting trans medicalization: Body satisfaction and social contextual factors as predictors of sexual experiences among trans feminine and nonbinary individuals. Journal of Sex Research.


Cusack, C., * Levenson, N.., ** & Galupo, M. P. (2022). “Anorexia wants to kill me, dysphoria wants me to live”: Centering trans and nonbinary experiences in eating disorder treatment. LGBT Issues in Counseling. 16(3), 265-284.

Cusack, C. E.,*  Morris, E. R.,* & Galupo, M. P.  (2022). A blank space body.” Cisgender individuals’ descriptions of their androgynous body ideals. Psychology & Sexuality, 13(2), 429-445.

Lindley, L.,* Anzani, A.,* & Galupo, M. P. (2022). Gender dysphoria and sexual well-being among trans masculine and nonbinary individuals. Archives of Sexual Behavior,  51, 2049–2063.

Lindley, L.,* Anzani, A.,* Prunas, A. & Galupo, M. P. (2022). Sexual fantasy across gender identity: A qualitative investigation of differences between cisgender and non-binary people’s imagery. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 37(2), 157-178.


Cusack, C. E.,* & Cooper, M., Libbey, N., & Galupo, M. P.  (2021).  Rumination & eating psychopathology among trans and nonbinary individuals: A path analysis integrating minority stress. Eating Behavior, 42, 1101544.

Brienzo, M.* & Galupo, M. P. (2021). Sexual intimate partner violence: Effects of prejudice toward bisexual and gay men on victim blame. Journal of Bisexuality, 21(4), 581-602.

Cusack, C. E.,* & Galupo, M. P.  (2021). Body checking and eating disorder psychopathology among nonbinary individuals with androgynous appearance idealsEating and Weight Disorders: Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity, 26, 1915–1925.

Luxon, A.,* Chasson, G., Williams, M., Skinta, M. D., & Galupo, M. P.  (2021). Brooding over the closet: Differentiating sexual orientation rumination and sexual orientation obsessions. Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, 35(3), 167-182.

Galupo, M. P., Cusack, C. E., Morris, E.R.,* (2021). “Having a non-normative body for me is about surivival”: Androgynous or non-stereotypical body ideal among trans and nonbinary individuals. Body Image, 39, 68-76.

Lindley, L.,* Bauerband, L. A., & Galupo, M. P.,  (2021). Using a comprehensive proximal stress model to predict alcohol use.  Transgender Health, 6(3), 164-174.

Galupo, M. P.,  Pulice-Farrow, L.,* & Pehl, E.* (2021). “There is nothing to do about it”: Nonbinary individuals’ experience of gender dysphoria. Transgender Health, 6(2), 101-110.

Anzani, A., * Lindley, L., * Tognasso, G., Galupo, M. P., & Prunas, A., (2021). “Being talked to like I was a sex toy, like being transgender was simply for the enjoyment of someone else” Fetishization and sexualization of transgender and nonbinary individuals. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 50, 897-911.

Anzani, A., * Lindley, L., * Prunas, A., & Galupo, M. P.  (2021). “I use all the parts I’m given”: A qualitative investigation of trans masculine and nonbinary individuals’ use of body during sex. International Journal of Sexual Health, 33(1), 58-75.

Lindley, L.,Anzani, A., Prunas, A., & Galupo, M. P. (2021). Sexual satisfaction in trans masculine and nonbinary individuals: A qualitative investigation. Journal of Sex Research, 58(2), 222-234.


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Pulice-Farrow, L.* , Cusack, C. E.,*  & Galupo, M. P. (2020). “Certain parts of my body don’t belong to me”: Trans individuals’ descriptions of body-specific gender dysphoria.” Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 17, 654-667. 

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Gonzalez, K. A., Pulice-Farrow, L.* , & Galupo, M. P. (2018). “My aunt unfriended me”: Narratives of LGBTQ family relationships post 2016 presidential election. Journal of GLBT Family Studies, 14(1), 61-84.

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Galupo, M. P., Pulice-Farrow, L. K. *, & Ramirez, J. L.* (2017). “Like a constantly flowing river”: Gender identity flexibility among non-binary transgender individuals. In Sinnott, J. D. (Ed). Identity Flexibility During Adulthood: Perspectives in Adult Development. Springer. pp 163-177

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**undergraduate student at the time of the research

 *graduate student at the time of the research

Queer/Trans Collective for Research on Equity & Wellness (QT-CREW)

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