Meet the 360Fly Spherical Camera

photo of a 360Fly 4K spherical camera on a white backgroundAmong the four different spherical cameras available to TU faculty and students via SCS Gear2Go, the 360Fly 4K is somewhat unique. It has only one lens. Most spherical cameras are designed around two lenses, each capturing a hemisphere of light. The camera software “stitches” the two hemispheres together to create a spherical image or video. The 360Fly captures 240-degrees of available light with a single lens. So, when oriented upward, it captures all but the circular area of ground under it*, which it renders as a black disc. Continue Reading

Spherical Cameras 101

Spherical cameras (also referred to as 360-degree or omnidirectional cameras) use one or more ultra wide-angle lenses to capture all surrounding light and produce spherical photos and videos. The resulting media can be viewed on a flat screen or with a virtual reality (VR) headset. While viewing on a smartphone or computer screen with a compatible player (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), you can drag the image in any direction to change your point of view (example). When wearing a VR headset (Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, etc.) you can “immerse” yourself in the media, viewing different areas of the recording as you move your head or body.

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