HoloLens Development Happening Here at Towson

Image of class 4 Excimer Gas Laser One application that has the most potential for the HoloLens and similar Mixed Reality devices is their use in training. Despite this great potential, the biggest concern about the HoloLens is that it may not have enough software developed for it to make it as useful as it could be. Here in Towson Michael Bachman is overseeing a group of Information Technology students who are developing a capstone project that looks to take advantage of this application of Mixed Reality while helping to address the concerns. They are doing this by developing an application for the HoloLens that will help with training for the operation of a specific device. While the training will be for a very specific audience there is a real necessity for this training from the university. Continue Reading

Uses of Mixed Reality in your Field

Why Use it: Mixed Reality (MR) can support a wide variety of learning objectives but most frequently is used to help with understanding learning objectives as it can combine the best of many other technologies to greatly improve how we perceive data. This is one of the newest emerging technologies and has elements of both Augmented and Virtual Reality. While Augmented Reality (AR) simply displays a virtual object in the real world, MR can do this with the level of interaction that Virtual Reality (VR) has. Bridging AR and VR gives virtual objects more presence in the real world, enhancing tangibility and understanding while increasing the interaction giving these objects more practical uses. Innovative Mixed Reality technology like the Microsoft HoloLens is just starting development and not yet available to consumers. MR is likely to become a huge technology once a wider range of more practical software has been developed.

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