Recycling 3D Printing Waste Products

If you’re a conscientious environmentalist who also enjoys 3D printing, you’ve probably lain awake pondering the environmental effects of all your discarded rafts, failed prints and other PLA waste products. PLA is not biodegradable, strictly speaking, but composting is possible. The All3DP article New Initiative Aims to Recycle PLA Waste… describes a high school student’s laudable efforts (Project PLA) to address the issue and includes a helpful overview video.

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OTS Reality Checks Begin September 18!

Join OTS Student Computing Services (Cook 35) for one or more of these free weekly sessions to try-out our available Virtual Reality (VR) systems: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony Playstation VR, and Oculus Quest. Gain insight on VR and its potential academic and skill development applications. Each participant must sign a liability waiver and will be spotted by a staff member. Walk-in participants are welcome, but those who sign-up through the SCS Online Resource Booking System (ORBS) will receive priority access. Sign into ORBS, click Workshops and subscribe to the event(s) you plan to attend. Continue Reading

Uses for VR and AR in College Classrooms

Looking for inspiration? Check-out Dian Schaffhauser’s article 9 Amazing Uses for VR and AR in College Classrooms. Uses described include Grasping Concepts, Recreating Past Experiences for New Learners, Stagecraft for Theatre Students, Virtual Reconstruction of History, Going on Space Walks, Reimagining the Future, Practicing Clinical Care, Hands-on Railroading and Feeling the Impact of Decisions.




Hands-On (Eyes-On) Access to VR at TU

Smiling male with a VR headset onIntrigued by extended reality? Fatigued by actual reality? There is a place on campus, deep underground, where faculty and students can try-out virtual reality hardware and software. OTS Student Computing Services (SCS) is hosting weekly “Reality Checks” in Cook 35 through the end of the semester. Curious students and faculty are invited to sign-up via the SCS Online Resource Booking System (ORBS) or just drop by. Available systems include Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony Playstation VR, and Samsung Gear VR. Continue Reading

Meet the GoPro Fusion Spherical Camera

photo of a GoPro Fusion spherical camera on a white backgroundAmong the four different spherical cameras (a.k.a., 360-degree or omnidirectional cameras) available to TU students and faculty via SCS Gear2Go*, the GoPro Fusion promises the highest quality output. Its 5.2K resolution is a step-up from the competition’s 4K models, and its unique design produces better stitching—the process by which the camera joins two hemispherical images into a single spherical image.

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Sweet 3D Printing

Sure you can print in plastic, but did you know that it is also possible to print in chocolate? In the spirit of the most dentally dangerous holiday, here’s an interesting diversion from the usual discussions of 3D printing. As fabrication technologies continue to advance, we can only imagine what other medias we might eventually “work” in. Happy Halloween!

All3DP Article: “Chocolate 3D Printer – All You Need to Know”


Meet the RICOH Theta V Spherical Camera

RICOH Theta V camera on tripod in front of iMac computerAmong the four different spherical (or 360 degree) cameras available to TU students and faculty via SCS Gear2Go, the RICOH Theta V* 4K camera is—in a sense—the old-timer. The original RICOH Theta was the first simple and relatively inexpensive spherical camera in its class. Like most of it’s peers, its sports two opposing wide angle lenses that each capture 180 degrees of available light; a built-in processor “stitches” the front and back images (hemispheres) together into single image or video. Unlike most of its peers, the Theta V is svelte and comfortably pocketable.

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