OTS Reality Checks Begin September 18!

Join OTS Student Computing Services (Cook 35) for one or more of these free weekly sessions to try-out our available Virtual Reality (VR) systems: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony Playstation VR, and Oculus Quest. Gain insight on VR and its potential academic and skill development applications. Each participant must sign a liability waiver and will be spotted by a staff member. Walk-in participants are welcome, but those who sign-up through the SCS Online Resource Booking System (ORBS) will receive priority access. Sign into ORBS, click Workshops and subscribe to the event(s) you plan to attend.



  • Wed-18 from 3p-6p
  • Tue-24 from 3p-6p


  • Fri-4 from 1p-4p
  • Mon-7 from 11a-2p
  • Tue-15 from 11a-2p
  • Wed-23 from 11a-2p
  • Thu-31 from 3p-6p


  • Fri-8 from 11p-2p
  • Tue-12 from 3p-6p
  • Thu-21 from 11a-2p


  • Fri-6 from 1p-4p
  • Wed-11 from 3p-6p


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Cave, Bob