Actor Based Instructional Simulation & Teacher Moments

In the College of Education, Laila Richmond and other faculty are using cutting edge simulation technology to allow students to experience teaching firsthand. These simulations are created through mixed-reality and offer realistic opportunities for teacher candidates to practice their teaching skills in a safe environment where they can get feedback. The simulated classroom is one of several ways the College is using technology to create meaningful practice opportunities for teacher candidates. Another example is “Teacher Moments”, a web-based tool developed by the MIT Teaching Systems Lab, where classroom-based situations are provided for students to respond to on the spot and the responses are recorded. These recordings allow students to reflect on and deconstruct how they responded and get feedback on how they might improve their interactions.  Both of these simulations give students a great opportunity to think about how they should respond to unique situations so they can be better prepared to enter the real classroom.

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Mueck, Christopher*