Virtual Reality Mock Interviews

The Towson University Career Center is leveraging Virtual Reality Mock Interviews with the recent purchase of an Oculus Go headset to help students practice their interview skills. For software, we are using the VirtualSpeech app, which is free to download and very easy to use.

Within the VirtualSpeech app, the “Meeting Room” feature places the user seated at the head of a conference room table facing an audience of 8-10 individuals seated around the table.

On the left-hand wall of the meeting room, there is a projector screen with a list of sample interview questions the user can click through for reference, and then give their responses to the audience. The Career Center can easily modify the sample interview questions to give the user a range of questions from basic interview questions to major and industry-specific interview questions.

After the interview is complete, the system provides the user with an analysis of their performance which includes the number of filler words used, eye contact rating score (1-10), andwords-per-minute speaking rate.

The VR Mock Interview is an easy, fun, and interactive way for students to bridge the gap from learning and practicing basic interview skills with our online system called Big Interview to eventually participating in our Employer Mock Interview program which gives students the opportunity to practice live interview skills with actual recruiters from organizations.

Students can sign up for a Virtual Reality Mock Interview through Handshake.


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Mueck, Christopher*