Meet the 360Fly Spherical Camera

photo of a 360Fly 4K spherical camera on a white backgroundAmong the four different spherical cameras available to TU faculty and students via SCS Gear2Go, the 360Fly 4K is somewhat unique. It has only one lens. Most spherical cameras are designed around two lenses, each capturing a hemisphere of light. The camera software “stitches” the two hemispheres together to create a spherical image or video. The 360Fly captures 240-degrees of available light with a single lens. So, when oriented upward, it captures all but the circular area of ground under it*, which it renders as a black disc.

One lens means one image and no stitching required. This results in faster, simpler processing and no threat of artifacts (visual anomalies) due to stitching errors. Further, the black area at the bottom* of the image/video helps to hide whatever or whoever is supporting the camera.

The 360Fly is dustproof, shockproof, and splashproof, but it is not designed for underwater use. It features a built-in 64GB capacity—roughly 60-90 minutes of video at the highest quality setting—and does not accept removable media, such as microSD cards. Files can be transferred via Wi-Fi to the 360Fly smartphone app or via USB to the 360Fly Director desktop app. Sample videos are available on the 360Fly website.

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*If the camera is oriented lens down, the non-capture zone will be at the top of the frame/sphere. It is completely feasible to mount the camera “upside down,” effectively hiding the area of ceiling or other overhead support to which the camera is mounted.

photo of 360Fly spherical camera in foreground and Apple iMac computer out of focus in background

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Cave, Bob