Spell Checker Span Tag Error – Known Issue

When the Spell Checker is enabled in the VTBE, content that is re-edited and submitted with any additions or changes to the text in the VTBE causes adding of extra span tags in the HTML code for the text for each pre-existing misspelled word from before the edit.

This error only occurs when you use the Spell Checker multiple times. To avoid this issue, only use the Spell Checker when you are completed your entire submission.

Expected/Observed Behavior: Each misspelled word is wrapped in a single set of SPAN tags.

Current Fixes and Work-Arounds:

  1. Type your content in Microsoft Office Word and run spell check inside of the word Processor
  2. In Blackboard, click on the “Paste as Plain Text” icon in your text edit toolbar.
  3. Paste your content.


  1. If you have the error occurring, in Blackboard, copy all of your written content.
  2. Delete your content from the text editor.
  3. Click no the “Paste as Plain Text” icon in your text edit toolbar.
  4. Paste your content back in to Blackboard

What do these fixes do?

They remove the span tags that are causing the error and allow you to post without issue.

Resource Links

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