Special issue call for papers on equity in digital teaching and laerning

The International Journal of Information and Learning Technology invites submissions for a special issue focusing on theory and research that explores issues around equity and digital technologies. Although much has been made of the potential for digital technologies to support more equitable and democratic teaching and learning (e.g., Ito et al., 2013; Gee, 2007), Hall (2011) suggests a need for scholarship in instructional technology and digital education to “analyse learning technology as historically situated, and thereby… use critique to reveal and produce practical alternatives to sociocultural problems” (p.273). Such critical scholarship pushes back on platitudes and widely-accepted myths about educational technology to address the complexities of reducing educational inequities (Buckingham, 2007; Reich & Ito, 2017; Selwyn, 2016). Recent work — including critical examinations of technologically-rich makerspaces (Calabrese Barton, Tan & Greenberg, 2017; Vossoughi, Hooper, & Escude, 2016; Buechley, 2013), conversations around who benefits from educational technology (Watters, 2017), articulations of critical digital pedagogy (Stommel, 2014), and accounts of gender and race disparities in the field of instructional technology (Davis, 2015)– attempts to explore, better account for, and counter inequities in digital teaching and learning.

In this special issue, we are interested in exploring how equity is taken up in discourse and practice across K-16 and informal learning settings featuring digital technologies and pedagogies. This might include empirical research related to learning processes, contexts, and outcomes; frameworks for understanding ways of creating more equitable instructional design with digital technologies; pedagogical approaches for using new media as sites of learning. We encourage the submission of manuscript types including literature reviews; reports of original research (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods); and theoretical perspectives.

Deadline for full manuscripts: June 1, 2018.

For more info: http://bit.ly/2puzGRd

Recent presentations and publications

Lohnes Watulak, S. (in press). Making space for student agency through connected learning in preservice educational technology courses. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education.

Lohnes Watulak, S., Woodard, R., Smith, A., Johnson, L., & Phillips, N. (in press). Connected teaching and learning in K-16+ contexts: An annotated bibliography. CITE English.

Schmier, S., Johnson, E., & Lohnes Watulak, S. (2018). Going public: Exploring the possibilities for publishing student interest-driven writing beyond the classroom. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 41(1), 57-66.

Lohnes Watulak, S. (2018, April). Instructors as brokers of digital learning opportunity: Exploring brokering practices in connected teacher education classrooms. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, NY, NY.

Lohnes Watulak, S., McQuitty, V., & Runciman, J. (2018, March). Voice and choice in teacher professional learning: Designing the writing-as-making MOOC. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Instructional Technology in Teacher Education, Alexandria, VA.

Lohnes Watulak, S., McQuitty, V., & Runciman, J. (2018, March). Examining teacher learning in a writing-as-making MOOC. Symposium presented at the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research, Towson, MD.

Presenting at SITE 2018

We’re delighted to announce that the wmMOOC team will be sharing our design strategies during the poster session at SITE 2018! Our abstract:

To address the need for teacher professional learning that positions teachers as co-designers in a collaborative, production-centered learning environment, we used the connected learning framework to design and implement a six-week Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) on the topic of writing-as-making for university faculty, in-service K-12 teachers, and pre-service teachers in K-12 teacher preparation programs. Our goal is to remix the best characteristics of traditional professional development, MOOC learning environments, and out-of-school learning principles in an effort to create a professional development option that is open, accessible, and online as well as supporting teacher agency, voice, and choice. The in-service teachers who are teaching in our state will also be able to take the MOOC for credit toward their continuing professional development.  This poster will share the design of the MOOC, providing sample learning activities to illustrate and explain how the connected learning framework was used to design a collaborative, production-centered MOOC that fosters teacher agency.

AERA acceptance

Excited to be part of a great structured poster session accepted for presentation at AERA 2018 in NYC. My poster, titled Instructors as Brokers of Digital Learning Opportunity: Exploring Brokering Practices in Connected Teacher Education Classrooms, examines the brokering moves of instructors in 2 educational tech courses for preservice teachers. It’s part of a poster session titled From Connected Learning to Connected Teaching: Toward a New Vision of Digital Literacy Teacher Education, sharing research by Antero Garcia, Kira Baker-Doyle, Nicole Mirra, Christina Cantrill, Nathan Phillips, Rebecca Woodard, Stephanie Rollag, Maggie Struck, and Anna Smith.

Special issue of IJILT on Research Trends in Instructional Tech is now available!

The special issue of IJILT that I guest edited on the topic of Research Trends in Instructional Technology is now available. The articles cover topics including makerspaces, 1:1 device initiatives, e-textiles, and tech integration in elementary math classes. I invite you to check out my editorial and all of the great articles in the issue.

Grant Award

My colleague Dr. Vicki McQuitty (co-Director, Maryland Writing Project) and I were awarded a SET Seed Funding Grant for 2017-2019. The grant supports our work on a design-based research project to design, implement, and research a MOOC that will support professional learning for faculty, teacher-leaders, and pre-service teachers, around the topics of connected learning and writing-as-making. We’ve spent the summer laying the groundwork, and we anticipate running the first iteration of the MOOC in January 2018. Stay tuned for details!

New article in AJLL

I was fortunate to work with two terrific scholars, Stephanie Schmier and Liz Johnson, on this publication, forthcoming in the Australian Journal of Language and Literacy!

Schmier, S., Johnson, E., & Lohnes Watulak, S. (in press). Going public: Exploring the possibilities for publishing student interest-driven writing beyond the classroom. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy.