Welcome to the PCC!

Here at the PCC, we provide speech advice to improve speaking skills, increase preparedness and confidence, and expand advocacy skills.

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What can the PCC offer you? 

Need help with…

Outlining and Organization?

Mentors have the knowledge of different organizations and the components needed for introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions.

Speech Anxiety?

Feeling nervous or anxious before a presentation is completely normal. Mentors have the knowledge to identify speech anxiety and can teach students techniques to address their anxiety.


Body language, vocal fillers, and gestures are all elements of delivery that mentors are trained in. The Public Communication Center has the technology to record student speeches, as well!

Visual Aids/Presentation Design?

The content on a visual aid is just as important as the design. Mentors are trained in elements of visual design, to help you create the most appealing and cohesive visual aid!

What have students said about the PCC? 

Many of the students who come to the PCC say they leave feeling more prepared and organized, clam and less stressed, and excited and focused when it came time for their speech!

We look forward to seeing you soon at the PCC! Learn how to make an appointment here!



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