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Out of an abundance of caution, Towson University will not be hosting any large events until the COVID-19 outbreak has receded. All registrants will receive a full refund.

Maryland Writing Project March Conference Details

March 28, 2020 @ Towson University
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How can we make writing accessible and engaging for all Maryland students? Sharing the Pen is a conference for teachers, school leaders, and university students preparing to be teachers. Join us as we explore equity in writing instruction and examine how to create writing opportunities that inspire and challenge all our students.

$10 registration fee includes all conference sessions and breakfast. Registration closes March 20.

Conference Schedule

8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Welcome & Keynote
9:35 Breakout 1
10:25 Breakout 2
11:15 Breakout 3


Break Out Sessions Include

Writing in Math

Writing in the Mathematics Classroom

Learn how to engage students in strategies that support mathematical literacy (reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking) in the classroom. The focus will be on connecting the strategies to writing.

Mathematical Literacy: Writing in the Elementary Mathematics Classroom

Join me and learn how to go beyond “I got my answers by…” In this session participants will explore how to engage students in writing for a variety of mathematical contexts.

Engaging Ways to Get Students Writing in Mathematics

Come discover engaging higher-level thinking activities to help students write about math! These activities will provide students with ways to explain their mathematical thinking and justify their answers with writing.

Supporting Emergent Bilingual (ELL) Writing

Code-Meshing in Writing

Students who speak a second language are encouraged to write in English while also using their home language to enhance their writing. Learn strategies for incorporating code-meshing into your students’ writing.

Writers Workshop with English Learners

Participants will explore how classroom teachers can support English Language Learners through a Writers Workshop Model. Examples of activities and student work will be shared.

Engaging & Supporting All Writers

Supporting Struggling Writers: Proven Ways to Improve Writing Skills

Many students, both those in special education and those who are not, struggle to write well. This presentation will share research-proven ways to support all struggling writers and help them improve their writing skills.

Fanfiction in the Classroom

Fanfiction- stories about stories, characters, and universes others have already written about – is a writing practice found in many online fan spaces that can serve as an inspiration for reading and writing in the language classroom. This workshop introduces participants to fanfiction-inspired teaching materials (tasks and rubrics) developed by the FanTALES project, a team of university researchers and high school language teachers in Belgium, Germany, and Sweden.

Building Writers in Early Childhood Classrooms

New Ways to Approach Writing Instructions


Writing and the maker movement have a lot in common! Find out how to incorporate making practices into the writing process as way to motivate your students and prepare them for the 21st composing.

There’s More Than One Way to Write a Research Paper! Incorporating Multi-Genre Research Into Your Teaching

Why does the term “research paper” fill students with fear and dread, and how can we change our students’ loathing to writing a research paper? With multi-genre research, students present their research multi-modally, making it a more fun experience for them while becoming experts on their topic.

Equity In Writing

“Us vs. Them”: The Power of Cultural Sensitivity

ELA teachers often feel uncomfortable having the necessary discussion about controversial and insensitive language in approved texts offered in the curriculum. In order to encourage more meaningful classroom discussions, there is a need for materials in the curriculum that offer a variety of perspectives on the history and experiences of diverse populations, including but not limited to Black and LGBTQ+ communities.

Teacher as Writer: Finding Our Voices Together

We will explore and celebrate a variety of genres and media as inspirations to write and to share. We will also discuss the power of vulnerability and writing communities in growing as writers and learners in addition to gaining access to a variety of resources that can be used and modified by participants.

Writing Strategies for All Classrooms

Jump Start Writing with Quickwrites

Are you looking for a quick yet powerful tool to support students’ thinking and writing? Quickwrites give students ideas and frames for their own writing, help motivate and stimulate their thinking, and provide the “seeds” of ideas for more expanded pieces.

Writing-to-Learn Across All Content Areas

Participants will learn practical, immediately applicable strategies to help students in any content area learn the material and clarify their thinking. You will walk away with ideas to apply next week with your students!


Interactive Keynote
by Kyle Pompey
Photographer & Author of
Perspective Baltimore