Holding a PHYS 411 (General Relativity and Cosmology) class outdoors in Freedom Square (Spring 2018)

I teach algebra- and calculus-based Introductory Physics (PHYS 211,212 and 241), Astronomy (ASTR 161), Electricity and Magnetism (PHYS 242), Mathematical Physics (PHYS 307), and a seminar course called Physics and Metaphysics (TSEM 102). In 2018, I revived a long-dormant course at Towson University: Introduction to General Relativity and Cosmology (PHYS 411, pictured above). Among the visitors to drop in on this class was Towson university President Kim Schatzel!

In 2019, I am teaching upper-level Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (PHYS 352). As part of our course, the students and I spent a day at the Wilmington & Western Railroad to experience thermodynamics in action, right down to shoveling our own coal into the firebox!

I have mentored 36 individual students in an average of two or three Directed Readings, Independent Studies, Special Topics, and/or Astronomy/Physics Capstone Research courses each. These courses are “off-load” (taught on a volunteer basis).