Using Zoom

Montgomery County and Baltimore City are using Zoom as a video conferencing platform. If you are an intern in a different county, refer to the correct video conferencing page.

Select the link to access the MCPS Day 1 Quick Tips for Zoom Web Conferences. 1 This document outlines MCPS policies for using Zoom, protecting student privacy, and managing your sessions.

Scheduling a Meeting

Watch this 1-minute video from Zoom to learn how to schedule a meeting. 2

Adjusting Audio and Video Settings

Watch this 2-minute video from Zoom to learn how to adjust your video and audio settings. 3

Using Meeting Controls

Watch this 10-minute video from Zoom to learn about Zoom meeting controls, like muting participants and sharing your screen. 4

Managing Waiting Rooms

Watch this 1-minute video from Zoom to learn how waiting rooms work. 5


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