Using Google Meet

Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Frederick County, and Howard County are using Google Meet as a video conferencing platform. If you are an intern in a different county, refer to the correct video conferencing page. (Note: Carroll County also uses Microsoft Teams. Make sure to confirm with your mentor teacher which platform is used in your school.)

Starting a Meeting

Watch this 1-minute video from Google for Education to learn how to set up a Google Meet video meeting and invite your students to join. 1

Muting, Chatting, and Sharing Your Screen

Watch 5 minutes of the following video from Google for Education–from 12:12 to 17:00–to learn how to control your audio and video, use chat features, share your screen, and enable captions. 2

Pinning, Muting, and Removing Participants

Watch this 1-minute video from Hans Tullman to learn how to pin, mute, and remove other participants in Google Meet. 3


Changing the Layout and Using Captions

Watch this 3-minute video from Tempus Nova to learn how to change the layout in Google Meet and to use live captions. 4

Seeing Your Students While Presenting

One challenge when presenting your screen in Google Meet is that you will not be able to see your students while presenting. Watch this 7-minute video from Eric Curts for three ways to solve this problem. 5


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